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July 28, 2011



by gvffc


A commitment to preventing the recurrence of rapid increases in the temperature of water in the Eildon pondage was the outcome of a meeting of Government agencies and local aquaculture and recreational fishing representatives at Snob’s Creek yesterday.

The meeting was chaired by Member of Benalla, Bill Sykes and included representatives from Goulburn River Trout, Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, DPI Fisheries Victoria, Environment Protection Authority, AGL Hydro, DSE Water Resources Branch, Goulburn-Murray Water and Eildon Bait and Tackle.

The meeting was called as a result of significant fish kills at Goulburn River Trout and concerns about fish health in the pondage and the Goulburn River when water temperatures rose rapidly to over 25 degrees on a number of occasions last summer.

Dr Sykes said, “Everyone at the meeting agreed that action needed to be taken to address temperature spikes associated with low outflows from Lake Eildon during summer.

“Whilst this occurs infrequently the risk to aquaculture and the local recreational fishing industry is high.”

Dr Mark Bailey from Goulburn-Murray Water is going to work with Mr Geoff Earl from Goulburn Broken CMA to implement strategies to anticipate water temperature increases and act in advance to moderate the rate of increase and the peak temperature.

They will work closely with Mr Ed Meggitt of Goulburn River Trout and Mr Geoff Hall from Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre.

Dr Sykes concluded, “It was pleasing to see the meeting adopt a ‘can do’ approach.
“Dr Bailey and Mr Earl believe that they will be able to work within existing rules to achieve the desired outcomes.

“I will keep a close eye on progress as it is critical that new measures are put in place before next summer.”

Ed Meggitt from Goulburn River Trout said, “There was plenty of good will at the meeting and certainly a recognition by all attendees that a problem exists around water temperatures and low flow rates in summer.

“I have faith that GMW, through Mark Bailey and the CMA, through Geoff Earl will find a solution.”

Media enquiries
Bill Sykes MP
0427 624 989

Geoff Earl, Ed Meggitt, Geoff Hall, Mark Bailey, BS 2994

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  1. Jul 28 2011

    Great to hear some Fantastic News Ant!!! Hopefully we can address the issue of Carp and KHV in a similar fashion in the not too distant future also. see ya soon, Cheers, Werner


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