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Current River Levels, Temps and Info

Date: Thursday 29  January, 2015

Phone 03 5774 3928 for the latest info on Goulburn River levels. Message updated daily at 9am or as conditions change.

Three day Goulburn River Level Forecast here :
Lake Eildon Storage:   72.7%
Lake Eildon River Inflows:  800 Megalitres/Day MLD What does this number mean?
Goulburn River Level:  7000 Megalitres/Day
Goulburn Water temp:  11.5 degrees Celsius
Goulburn Dissolved oxygen:   6.0 parts per million
Eildon Pondage Level:        45% Subject to change
Rainfall past 24 hours:        0.0 mm  in the catchment above the lake

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Phone:  03 5774 3928 for the latest info on Goulburn River levels. Message updated daily at 9am.


Recent Articles


Fishing Report





Just a few pics and nearly as few words because I’m so time-poor at the moment.

Don’t adjust your screens on the first fish. It was the largest specimen on our recent Patagonia Trip. Next years dates have just been listed and 10 of 13 spots went in two hours. Visit our website here from more info and get in quick if you are keen to join us. QANTAS just slashed their prices to Buenos Aires by around 30% so this may be the time to be tempted.





















The Goulburn has been fishing terrifically well and the quality dry fly fishing will continue for some time to come. Terrestrials are accounting for the vast majority of fish, but the most successful anglers have been those able to adapt things going on beneath the surface when required. Wink. Wink.

Willow grubs have produced some of the most extraordinary dry fly fishing in years, with big fish eating grubs from early morning until almost dark in some places. It has been very consistent, especially on the warmer days with some wind.

Stalking fish has been the key and I would say that at most only 20% of the fish we have been catching have been raised to the fly blind. I am seeing an average of 15-25 fish per drift and guys walking the edges are seeing MANY, MANY more. Unfortunately finding them and catching them are not always inextricably linked.

The smaller rivers have also been very good of late although last weekend they did see a lot of foot traffic. That should die down now and remain relatively quiet throughout February; traditionally our slowest in season month for angler numbers.

I don’t want to harp on the negative but it’s worth punching Fisheries phone number 13FISH or 13 34 74 into your mobiles just in case you see folks doing the wrong thing. We had a few incidents over the long weekend that warrant this message being put out there. Also Alexandra Police Station can be reached on 03 5772 1040 should you encounter idiots on jet skis and starting fires on 35 degree days like we did last weekend.

That aside it’s been a very consistent summer thus far and these cooler temps are no doubt keeping the smaller streams online. While we would like some more heat on the Goulburn to get the larger terrestrials on the wing each day; I have to admit that 20-25 degrees sure beats 33-40.

Hope this brief report helps you to plan your next sortie up here. Don’t forget to visit our Calendar of Events Page for more info on all that we offer.

Cheers and all the best.

PS – Check out the photo of the young 10 year old fly fisher. He got that fish out of a Goulburn River backwater within a couple of hours of picking up a fly rod for the first time. Best 10th birthday present ever and we can’t get the smile off of Werner’s (the guide) face.
Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre
Free Call 1800 458 111 or (03) 5773 2513



image1 (3)



A Few NZ pics from the past 10 days





Just a few pics that were emailed to me this evening from the guides in NZ. A variety of waters being fished and sizes of fish caught – with low water conditions making things tougher than usual until this week.

I will add more pics as they filter in to me here back in OZ. Don’t forget that we are taking expressions of interest now for 2016 with ads to go out in FlyLife and on social media at the beginning of March.

Visit the dedicated New Zealand Trip Page  on our website to view the dates for next summer and sing out with any questions that you may have.



Great fishing at the moment…..

Sorry people but I’ve no time for a detailed report. We are all out every day and the fishing has been superb. A great level for both edge fishing and hatches. Lots of bigger fish about on dry flies. My only two spots available for float trips this week are on Monday and Tuesday, which coincidentally are going to be cracker willow grub days. The rest of the week the boats are booked solid. There’s just not enough hours in a day; or days in a week at the moment.

Drop by for more information. While I will have ‘some’ time to occasionally post a few pics and a few choice words about the fishing in the next 6-8 weeks; we are so heavily booked that I am not going to get the time to do the detailed reports that many of you have grown accustomed to. So for now, a few pics will have to suffice.

Get out and enjoy the fishing. It’s as good as it gets right now.






River coming up to 4000 MLD today

Great for drifting – not so much for wading….


New Zealand 2016 Trip Dates Up and Two Day Workshops Coming Up

NEW ZEALAND 2016 Trip dates are now up

Expressions of interest for 2016 are now being taken. Please see our NZ page for more info or phone me on 0418 995 611 to learn more.







Don’t forget we have our ‘Two Day Fly Fishing Workshops’ running over the next few weekends. These workshops are a great way to increase your understanding of the sport or to get a beginner started from scratch.

At $390 for two full days including BBQ lunches, an instructor between every 3 participants and the use of all gear – it represents great value for money and gives participants a solid grounding in fly fishing.

Phone FreeCall 1800 458 111 to book or visit our website @ for more information



River crashing down in level in anticipation of massive rain in the next 24-48 hours

Message from Goulburn-Murray Water…

<<We have reduced the flows over the last few days due to the rainfall forecasts for the next four days to 3,300 ML/d. The release will reduce to 2,000 ML/d later today and possibly 1,000 ML/d tomorrow.

Any further reductions will be assessed based on any potential flood risk in the Goulburn River.>>

Enjoy your day people. Your rivers are about to get a major freshening.



First Fishing Report for January



Not a lot to say today so I will be brief. You will probably appreciate this fact given that I am a bit tired and struggling to keep up with the office/shop work – meaning that sarcasm may rear its ugly head if I feel forced to go into minute detail over all that is going on.

Ok I’m already rambling. Time for the ‘briefest’ of report but with plenty of photos to make up for the lack of written words.


The Goulburn has been on fire lately from the Pondage all the way down to Alexandra. The edges are the place to be and the trout know it. Lots of terrestrial insects + relief from the huge flows = prime spots for lazy trout like old salmo trutta. While the rainbows will occupy the faster slots by choice, our good old friend the brown is always seeking the easy feed and a place in the shade. This makes him easy to target at these times of year when the water is high.

Beetles, ants, hoppers, cicadas, willow grubs as well as small unweighted nymphs are taking good numbers of very large fish. Experienced fly fishers will be in their element with large fish cruising all day long. Stalking skills are paramount to success and it’s one of those few times where camo clothing is not over the top but almost mandatory. A lot of the guys coming into the store this past week could easily be mistaken for deer stalkers or snipers about to ship off to Afghanistan.

The drift boat fishing has been superb in certain sections of river and certain times of day, whereas the bank stalking has been ridiculously good right along the river all day long. The reason for this is that at 8000 there is not a lot of water that can be effectively fished from a drift boat in terms of stalking. A lot of water has burst out into the paddocks and flooded in behind the stands of willow trees; taking the fish into these areas where we cannot go with the boat. Having said that we know the river inside out and the photos show how good the boat fishing can be – but being bank bound is not a hindrance at the moment as most of the fish are in places easily fished from terra firma. Also we shouldn’t forget that from the bank you can work feeding fish for longer periods and really devise and implement a plan of attack. I have received numerous photos and reports of big fish stalked, missed, dropped and landed by those fishing on the banks. Often by anglers fishing banks I was floating by.

Willow grubs are patchy. cicadas are more prevalent. Hoppers are absolutely everywhere. Ants are falling in all day and the beetles are thick along the length of river previously mentioned. You really can’t go wrong at the moment whichever way you go with fly selection. If you need more of a helping hand than that; please stop by the store for assistance.

No here is the curve ball. The evening rise is non-existent. In fact it sucks. At 8000 the hatches have been restricted as no doubt the bugs are in ‘flood mode’. The past few nights have either drawn banks or resulted in 1-2 smaller fish. Adult caddis in the trees and a few spent spinners just won’t tempt trout to rise in those high flows. Especially after a day of gorging on terrestrials and another day and another to follow

That being said the river is dropped to 4000 MLD at midnight last night in anticipation of a possible 50+mm of rain to fall Fri-Sat. This will trigger a huge dun hatch and will change the fishing up for a bit While I love the high flows of the previous fortnight when they occur in high summer – you can’t beat the river at 2000-6000. It’s just superb with a huge amount of real estate that appeals to trout.

The smaller rivers are fishing quite well but when this rain comes through you are looking at approximately 24-36 hours before they drop back to fishable levels. My guess is it will be closer to 48 hours if we get the forecast 50mm with rivers with longer catchments like the lower – mid Acheron needing 3-4 days. Regardless of where you fish in the district there is one thing I can say with complete confidence. This rain will freshen and revitalise our small streams and the fishing will be much better for it in the weeks ahead; with week or so immediately following it dropping back to fishable heights being superb. They really have been low’ish for a while now.

The guys have settled into the guiding in NZ with the first week near to ending. All spots for this summer are now booked except for a lone spot in the week starting Sunday 18 January i.e. 10 days time! This spot is only available because one the group, a group that have been coming for well over  a decade, fell ill at the last minute. If you have the time and the spare coin you could be in for a week of superb fishing in the best part of their trout fishing season. The group is comprised of guys aged 50-70’ish and they are a fun lot. Please sing out if you are at all interested so that we can discuss whether it is a good fit for you.

That’s it for now. I’m off to finish today’s orders and get them in the post; followed by some re-rigging of all my drift boat rods to account for the changing river heights. I don’t know about you guys but we are so looking forward to some relief from the heat and welcoming the forecast rain that will not only freshen up our small streams; but also assist with the bushfires that are burning in the west of the state.

Cheers and see you around.


















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